Monday, March 21, 2011


Dear readers,
Here, i have published traditional therapies, but never recommended to try out those therapies into live.For some individual those are bring its benefits or for some individuals isn't efficient. Please read and pass out the URL.
All over the world, since time began and people fell ill, the various cultural have used natural remedies for those illnesses. Some so-called cures stem from superstition, some from religion and others from colorful stories passed down through the generations.  These Mongolians remedies are from Buddhist surtas and other texts and are still widely used many Mongolians.
§  Sty: touch the troubled eye with the opposite knee, seven times.
§  Aching teeth: put a drop of animal urine on the sore tooth.
§  Infant pneumonia: wrap the chest of the child in a vodka-soaked bandage.
§  Woman with crick in the neck: kneel before a handsome man, bow your head to his knee; pain will be gone with 24 hours.
§  Sore eyes and ears: place one drop of animal urine on the sore eye/ ear.
§  Nervous tic: collect dried animal bones from the open steppe and boil them, then place in a bath; bathe in this mixture daily for seven days.
§  Scars: lightly rub a drop of animal or human urine on scar several days running.
§  TB: drink copious qualities of airag from a white mare.
§  Babies not sleeping at night: put large salt crystals into the fire. When they sizzle, hang the child over the coals (if this sounds a bit dangerous, try making the middle of body’s forehead with black ash from the bottom of saucepan)
§  Fever: drink half of a cup of warm urine from a reddish-brown cow.
§  Warts: tie red cotton thread around the wart then carefully remove the thread and hang it on hinge of a door; after a few days, the wart will disappear.
§  Insanity: drink half cup of warm urine, preferable from a fox. Or try slaughtering an owl, falcon, bear, tiger, wolf, fox or lynx; boil the meat and eat immediately. Another way is cut someone’s armpit hair ( or hair from under bear’s tail), then burn it; mix the ash with water and drink it.
§  Dog bite: take some hair from the dog, burn it then place it on the wound.
§  Big warts: rub with a dirty old animal bone.
§  Sore throat: suck on a copper rod for two or three days.
§  Diabetes: warm a small piece of copper to reddish color; crush it to powder than swallow it.
§  Mercury poisoning: drink half cup of warm urine from a cow or horse.
§  Mouth ulcers: warm an uncle’s horse bridle and rub it inside the mouth.
§  Bowing knee or ankle: bath in strong salty tea. 

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