Monday, March 21, 2011


If a camel rejects heir calf, she stops eating and drinking, gets depressed and becomes ill- tempered. She leaves the herd to stand alone, looking into distance and back again, and bellows repeatedly.
Sometimes, too, mother dies in birth, leaving a baby camel which needs to suckle. Since the herd is economic base of his life, the herder has to react, to try save the situation, to reunite the mother and her offspring, r to persuade another nursing mother to accept the forlorn calf. An unique method is used by Mongolian herders; they play music! Using the flute or horse head fiddle, with a special song, they serenade the camel mother and the reluctant dam starts to weep large tears before accepting her own or another camel’s calf.
The herder sings:
“Why are you rejects your beautiful little offspring?
Your offspring weeps when it gets up in morning.
Please let it suckle your tasty milk”

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